Art Liaisons provides the artwork for Wine Gallery. Art Director and Curator for Art Liaisons, Gail Sjoman provides Curator Services for Public Spaces.  Her team of artists exhibit amazing artwork for sale or commission work of their art.

Each exhibit remains for three months, then Gail curates a new exhibit to transform the space and showcase new local artists. All the pieces you see at Wine Gallery are for sale.

Learn more about Art Liaisons & to purchase artwork contact Gail.

650-596-0868 /

Artist Reception

february 21 , 5:30-7:30

MIngle, Sip Wine and get inspired by talking with the artist


  Brooke Baxter Howie 

Photographer Jeff Straw 

Guest Artist Anthony Grant provided by Melanie Yunk

Meet the Artist


Brooke Baxter Howie

brooke howie.jpg

Brooke Baxter Howie is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and now lives in Foster City.

Her background includes a 15-year career as graphic artist and for the last 20 years has painted and sold her artwork.

Although Brooke has worked in almost every medium, she currently prefers acrylics as well as mixed-media. Color inspires her, while thinking…how to use these new pigments in her next project…then all sorts of images suddenly appear. Her bold color palette contrasts with her soothing subject matter, creating a visual feast.

In these last few years, Brooke has moved her imagery from realistic to abstract art.

Jeff Straw

Geff Shaw.jpg

Jeff Shaw is both an avid musician and photographer, Jeff Straw lives to create.

He is known for his portrait work as well as the landscape work you see here and is available for hire.

Larger format prints available on demand.